First Post, Introduction I guess

Before getting into the meat of my blog, I guess I should introduce myself and give a quick bio of who and what I am.  My name is Casey, I’ve lived in the middle of cornfield, Ohio my entire life.  Being raised in the middle of the cornfield has shaped who and what I am.

While being gay is biological, I was raised to be financially and morally conservative.  I went to church every Sunday, was baptized not once, but twice, my parents have had the same job for nearly 30 years ‘(and surprisingly, neither are strippers), and they always pushed me to do my best, be it in school or sports.  I was given every opportunity to be the perfect, normal child.  Normal.   Yeah, OK.

As you can imagine, being raised in the middle of a cornfield involves deeply religious parents.  I’m not 100% why this is so.  I’m guessing it’s related to the plot of “Children of the Corn.”  We were always off doing Sunday School, church, church sponsored events, youth events, bible school, sacrificing chickens, anything you can possibly imagine, we were involved.

And I hated it.  Every last minute of it.  Hated.  It.  However, we can discuss this and why my therapist’s bills are so high at a later point.

Most gays that I know of are Democratic.  You also hear about the rare breed of gays called “Log Cabin Repbulicans,” aka Right-Wing Queers.  I however refuse to be either one.  I consider myself an Independent, I refuse to be associated with either one of the two parties.  I find that democrats are too loosey-goosey with money, handing it out to everyone and their mothers for nothing.  I find that republicans are financially responsible, generally, but they don’t care about our individual rights.  So I am neither, no matter how strangely the elderly ladies that work the polls find it whenever they ask me if I’m a democrat or republican (“Oh, you’re what?  So, why are you here, these are the primaries.  Oh, you’re just here to vote on the issues?!  /suspicious glare”).

I’ve been with the same amazing man, Mike, for almost 9 years this coming January.  He’s been my constant rock, keeping me grounded, as I tend to fly off into the stratosphere when I get myself into a tizzy.   Honestly he tends to be a little needy but I think I need that because I’m fairly emotionally detached.  So it forces me to come out of that and give him the attention he needs at times.  All in all, we compliment each other quite well.  He cooks, I look pretty.  He cleans, I look pretty.  He watches TV, I’m sitting on the internet,  screaming about how awesome pancakes/mochas are on Twitter/Facebook.

Perfect match, indeed.

We have a Jack Russell named Zoie.  My theory on her is that, on the day of her birth, the devil came to her and bartered with her.  In exchange for eternal life, she gave him her soul.  She is soulless and she whines/barks/screams whenever Mike moves.  You think I’m joking, I’m sure.  He’ll be sitting on the couch and adjust his sititng position and she’ll start barking and whining, WARNING me that he is moving.  Or when he says anything to me, she will WARN me that he is speaking!

I’m pretty sure we will have to kill her at some point.  We’ll see.

So, that is pretty much me.  I am an odd emotionally-detached queer, stuck in the middle of the cornfield with my needy boyfriend, soulless dog, and “Children of the Corn” family.

God save us all.


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