Why We Hide And Why It’s Not OK

I was bouncing around on Twitter like I normally do at this time of night and I noticed a tweet from @NOH8Campaign in regards to a school official wanting gays dead.  This of course caught my attention.  Below is the link if you didn’t catch it.


In a nutshell a school board member posted on his facebook page about encouraging gays to kill themselves and “I like that fags cant procreate. I also enjoy the fact that they often give each other aids and die.”

I want you to think about that for a minute.

Someone ENJOYS the fact that gays often give each other AIDS and die.  Someone that is in charge of YOUR children’s education.  He also encourages that us gays hide if we do not want to be called “fags.”

But what most frightened me about this article was that there were so many people that “liked” his comment on facebook before someone had the balls to challenge what he said.  Every day a little piece of my faith in humanity is destroyed and today is no different.  You would hope that, in today’s world, that if someone spouts of hate like this, especially in light of the suicide of gay teens, people will stand up to this.  That people would be educated enough to think that, while maybe they don’t approve of gays and their “ways,” they don’t want any ill harm to come of them.

And he had 6 people (that we know of) that liked his comment.

And there’s more like him.  There’s more like him that want to harm us because they don’t understand us.  They want to physically beat us, rape us, humiliate us, torture us, HATE us.  Some of us hide, and we hide for good reason.  We hide because we fear for our personal safety and public scorn from our family and friends.  We hide who and what we are, live a life of misery, because we want to be accepted.

And that’s not OK.  Being out in the open forces those to look at us and understand that we are not monsters.  We are living, breathing beings that require respect and equal rights.   There is no need to look upon us as devilish deviants that want nothing more then to rape children, destroy your families, and defile your faith with our loose morals.  We need to stand up to these people, heads held high, and show them that we are not afraid.

We do not fear you, Clint McCance.  We will not give you that power over us.  We are proud queers and we are not ashamed of who and what we are.  You can wish us ill will, you can enjoy the thoughts of us dieing from a devastating disease, you can even laugh about it.  But we will never hide from people like you, we don’t bow down to hate mongers.

We only wish you well, Clint McCance.  May you find peace with whatever inner turmoil you are fighting.  May whatever god you believe in have mercy on your poor, twisted soul.


Teh Gays


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