Veterans Day And Hiding

Today is Veterans Day.  A day where we celebrate and thank those that currently serve or have served our country in the military.  We mourn those that have died in this service, given their lives without question in protection of our liberties.

I find it ironic that today we hear that the Pentagon has finished their study and has determined that there will be none to negligible impact on repealing Don’t-Ask-Don’t-Tell.  And more then likely there’s probably nothing that can be done, at least in regards to the legislation for this term.  And with all of the Republicans coming into office next term, there’s very little hope that this will get repealed any time soon.

So we have these fearless military serving us without question.  With a command they will go into battle, irregardless if they will make it out alive or not.  They are there to protect our freedoms, yet we have turned our backs on them.  A story I read a few weeks ago keeps ringing in my mind and I’m constantly horrified by it.

Two soldiers, who were partners, were in the same unit.  One of them was killed in front of the other.  And do you know who the living partner was able to turn to for emotional comfort?  The rest of his unit?  Hell, anyone else he knew in the military?  No.  He had to turn to a French soldier that was on detail with them at the time.  A complete stranger.

Can you actually comprehend such a thing?  His partner which he loved was killed in front of him and no one knew of their relationship.  Not one of his friends he could turn to.  He had to turn to a complete and utter stranger because he was terrified of being outed as a deviant and kicked out of a career that he loved.

Yes, we thank you veterans and current soldiers serving.  Just don’t ask us Americans to care except to piss all over you when you humbly request  that we treat you like humans.  It’s just not relevant to us.

But, you know, thanks anyways.


3 responses to “Veterans Day And Hiding

  1. Unbelievable. No wonder our country is still so homophobic… because nobody wants to talk about it or deal with it. Why is it we are more concerned with getting along well with the Muslims than we are with getting along with our neighbors just because they are gay? I don’t get it. Good people are good people. Period!

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