Dell Has Reaffirmed My Faith In Them

I’m taking a pause from my blogging norms today to discuss something that has reestablished my faith in customer service today.  If you would have asked me earlier today, I would tell you horrid tales of customer service, how no one seems to care anymore about my problems or when I feel I was wronged, and frustration with the language barrier you deal with a lot when the tech support doesn’t natively speak English.

Earlier today I was on Twitter at work and I noticed, on several occasions, I heard knocking like my hard drive was going out.  I instantly complain on Twitter because that’s what Twitter is for.  I mention that my hard drive is going out but I was horrified at trying to call Dell because of the language barrier and it always took so damned long to get anything done.  Within 5 minutes I get a @mention from a dell representative, stating he was sorry to hear about the hard drive, and I should friend/Direct Message him with my serial number and my contact info.  So, surprised, I did so, and I was instantly called by Dell.

Let me reitterate that for everyone so that you can absorb that last part.  Dell.  Called.  Me.  Instantly.

I was literally on the phone with him for a minute.  He confirmed my shipping address, made sure it wasn’t a CD in my drive, then told me my hard drive will be there in 2-3 days and asked me to ship the old hard drive back when I was done.  He then just told me to have a good day and I would be getting a confirmation email in a few minutes.

Do you hear me world!?  Dell is using social media HOW a company should be using it!  They are using it to not only push information out to its customer base but also searching with it to identify problems and fix them quickly.  That, right there, is how you create a loyal fan base.  And you know what, as soon as it was resolved, I went to Twitter and I screamed for like 5 minutes on how awesome it was.  And I went to Facebook and made a large post about how awesome Dell was.

You Dell, are incredibly awesome.  You decided to harness the monumental power of social media and, instead of abusing it or just slamming people with deals that we aren’t interested in.  You, Dell, used it to help me when I wasn’t even asking for it.  And that, Dell, makes me feel special and important.  You, Dell, understand what good exceptional customer service is and you should be commended!

**Update:  They even overnighted my hard drive to me!!! ❤ you Dell!!**


3 responses to “Dell Has Reaffirmed My Faith In Them

  1. I am impressed!!! I know so many who have overlooked Twitter, saying that “they don’t see the point” or find it useless, but here is an example of something Twitter is great for. I’m so glad you had such a good experience.

    • I know. I was. floored. It was, honestly, the best experience of customer service I’ve ever had and I felt it was necessary to spread the word!

      And I just assumed Twitter was just for smut! Who knew it had a practical use as well!

  2. THAT! is all kinds of awesome.

    Hot DAMN! Go Dell.

    We’ll be purchasing a ‘family’ desktop in the next few months, you may have swayed me to actually look at Dell.

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