Reposting Facebook Fuckheads

My last post has been about a month ago.  I know.  I’ve had a few comments on it.  But this blog was never meant to be updated on a daily or even a weekly basis.  It’s a place where I can collect my thoughts on subjects that is too long to tweet about.  Subjects that get me so fucking pissed off it sends me into a tailspin and makes me want to kick puppies and throw babies into boiling stew.  You know, to make me feel better.

My last post was bitching about the stupid people on Facebook.  I spoke at great lengths at my horror that people that I know in real life are just.  fucking.  stupid.  They believe that, in reposting a prayer or super.  witty.  saying.  will inspire someone or, better yet, will cause change.

I’m happy to inform everyone that today, I have been inspired.  I’ve seen a reposted facebook status that has caused me to pick up the literary pen and lash out my frustrations on the inept.

Wonderful and very powerful message….Boy writes God a letter, “Dear God, why do you let bad things happen in our schools?” God replies, “Dear son, I’m not allowed in your schools.” repost if you agree.

I read this status, blinked, and then reread it, as my mind couldn’t even comprehend the stupidity that originally wrote it.  I was also in shock that they didn’t put at the end “99% of you will be too afraid to repost this!  1% of you will be given a unicorn and a free wish if you repost!  Pinky swear!”

Are you ACTUALLY stating that, because prayer isn’t allowed in public schools, God has abandoned his followers there?  Or are you just simply stating that us mere mortals have that power where we can forbid an omnipresent being from existing in an articially created, bricked structure?

Oh, I get what they’re saying.  And it baffles me how anyone can even think of such a thing.  I mean, why blame the obvious?  Why point your finger at the poor parenting of today’s society when you have the non-Christians to blame?  Why blame the cyber bullying that, no only humiliates the child, humiliates them on a global scale while you can, instead, cry persecution.

Let me tell you, you reposting facebook fuckheads, you have no idea what persecution is.  You don’t know what it’s like to be Middle Eastern and try to board a plane.  Have everyone stare at you, whispering, wondering if you are going to be the one to take down the plane and end their miserable existence.

We have homosexuals in some Middle Eastern countries where, when found out, they are executed, all in the name of faith.  We have states in our very own country, the Land of the Free, where homosexuals aren’t allowed to marry due to your God’s will.  Your God was responsible for countless holy wars and has shed untold blood.

Please forgive me when I tell you that you can keep your God out of our schools. Your hypocritical notions anger me beyond comprehension.  You want to have prayer and God in school.  But only YOUR God.  If I were Muslim or Buddhist or Hindu and I tried to bring MY god(s) into school, there will be no tolerance for such behavior.  We believe in religious tolerance, as long as it’s Christianity!

And that, right there, is the point of why your god can’t be in schools and why it has to be seperate.  Our country is made up of many faiths and beliefs.  And, while a lot of religions can coexist with others, yours can’t.

And that is the saddest thing of all.

So, keep reposting those Facebook statuses, morons.  It’ll change the world.  I promise.


7 responses to “Reposting Facebook Fuckheads

  1. My bra is white.

    By posting this information, I will help breast cancer.


  2. HEAR, HEAR!!! Well said, sir!

  3. I hate those canned updates! Seriously, do you not have a single amount of creativity of your own?!

    And don’t even get me started on the God thing…

    xo Susie

  4. My favorite quote evah (well.. it’s up there)

    ‘it’s not God i have an issue with — it’s his fan clubs’

    🙂 for realz

  5. Well stated. Also, I don’t think God uses his facebook account – he just created one so he could picture stalk, but got bored with it. So status prayers are bs anyway.

  6. You are my new hero.

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